Friday, January 30, 2009

Jane Austen

This month our selection for book club was Persuasion. Reading the book was very difficult. It was almost like reading a foreign language.

So I would be able to better discuss the book at our meeting I watched the movie. Even watching the movie was difficult. I had to pay attention to every word. It was almost like they were speaking a foreign language. The furniture & the scenery in the movie was wonderful. Jane Austen is very popular and I think it's a following from the movies and not from her books. Next I would like to watch, not read, Sense & Sensibility. This weekend I'll be watching the Super Bowl. Although, it will NOT be like last year, no Giants. I'll be routing for the Cardinals. It would be nice to see a team that has never won the title win. Make sure you vote in my poll. Curious who you want. Have a chicken wing, guacamole & pizza weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tip Thursday

Candle Maintenance

Put a finger over the flame while blowing out a candle to prevent wax from spraying all over.

A special "thank you" to Amie my hand model.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Randomness

This was the temperature when I arrived at work yesterday morning, that is a minus sign in front of the 14! The thermometer actually registered 15 below at one point, I try not to take pictures while driving. I have a one traffic ticket a month quota, I've already reached my limit for the month. Mick is so good about clearing the snow around my flag. It gets more difficult with each new snowfall.
Got good news yesterday. It won't be necessary to report to the county office building for jury duty this week. I'm free for another six years!
I lied. We are not finished with our first floor renovation. We have a stack of doors in the attic that used to close off all the rooms on the first floor. Mick decided to change the door in the downstairs powder room and install a door going down to the basement.

So it's cleaning the doors, framing for the basement wall, dry wall, taping & painting. Oh, and I'm sure sanding of all that drywall taping. I've I mentioned how much I hate dust? My part, cleaning & polishing the brass knobs & hardware.

Monday, January 26, 2009

First Floor

The renovation of our entire first floor is completed. I can't tell you how happy, thrilled, relieved & restful, restful even thou Mick did all the physical work, to have this all behind us. I am not good living in mess, dust, disorganization and thinking about all that work. The first photo is the one that shows the wall color of the dining room the best.
This photo shows the gold, blue, brown and also the wallpaper. I thought long & hard deciding colors that would blend. A better photo of the three frames. I didn't want to mess with attempting to bring 2 framed prints home with me from LA but I am so glad I did. I actually went back to the thrift store a second time, after 3 days of thinking about buying them.
I hope those keys will stay up. I only used double sided tape.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peanut Butter & Jelly

My kids can't accuse me of not taking risks and living on the edge. With all the talk on the radio & television about peanut butter I've been having cravings for PB&J.

I ate a sandwich for lunch & it was delicious, probably my first in three years. Not to worry, the Peanut Butter is from a jar purchased about three years ago.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Decorating Project Completion

Last night we went from this to the below.
It was dark last night when I took the picture so the quality is terrible.
The two matching frames I brought back from LA. I purchased them in a thrift store, 3 blocks from Amie's apartment, for $15.00. They match the other frame perfectly & are high quality. Both had duck prints in them. We cut new mattes (maroon & white) for one duck print and the other frame I lined with wool felt and attached antique keys that I've been saving up. This weekend in the daylight I'll take better photographs of the frames & attempt to get a few pictures of the entire dining room. Both Mick & I will be home this weekend, the first time since 12/20, I am so looking forward. Hope you will have a great one!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tip Thursday

Our entire country has been talking about CHANGE, change for the better. I've always had the belief that everyone can do something to change the lives of others for the better.

We won't go down in history but how about; give a "Hello," a nod or a smile to everyone you pass. Each month choose a friend or a relative that you haven't spoken with in a long time and give them a telephone call. Bring a baked good or visit an elderly neighbor living alone. Look into volunteer opportunities at your local library, school, sport programs, hospital, church, Boy or Girl Scouts, nursing home, etc. A couple hours a month would have a huge impact and I bet you would have fun doing it! Go to USA Service and find a project near your home. There was even a project in my area listed, could not believe it! Just think about how much better this country would be if everyone did something.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rose Parade Floats

Growing up I always watched the Rose Parade and dreamt that I would someday attend the parade. I did something better than that, I went to the float viewing. I was able to spend time up close, for as long as I wanted, looking at each & every float. I took about 150 pictures so I'm going to show a few every couple days. Today I'm starting with animals. Looking at some you would think they were the real thing stuffed.
How cute is this guy?
The trees are also part of the float.
A fire breathing dragon.

This rabbit is on my favorite float. I'm going to do one post with pictures of this float.

Amie was making fun of me for taking a picture of the rabbits butt. But, HA HA, look at how real it looks.

Thought of Eric when we saw this guy. We sent a cell phone picture to him.

Wouldn't Eric like to see this in the woods. I don't even want to think about the consequences.

Better not get sick of Rose Parade posts. There are lots more coming. Also, see the man in the white suit. The "White Suits" were all over the grounds answering questions. Maggie hopes they got to keep their suit.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Saturday I attended my nephews Basketball game, Mick was at Fay Ln for the weekend. My brother planned to attend but the weather did not permit his traveling.
According to the Team Guide, Greg is "The tallest player ever to don the maroon and grey."
The gym, I started to type "rink" out of habit, was very dark. I had to set my ISO at 1600 in order to get pictures that were not blurry and they are very grainy. The pictures came out with a yellow cast even thou I adjusted the white balance. They can be edited but I just didn't have the time.
It was easy just to convert to B&W.
When you see photographers with the huge lenses at sporting events you better believe they need them in order to get good pictures. Sporting events are the toughest to photograph.
Just pretend you are looking at a newspaper.
Greg played a good game. His skills are so much better than when he played in high school.
I think the team lost because their DEFENSE was terrible. I should have gave all the players on the team Vitamin Water.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rose Parade Floats

Viewing the Rose Parade Floats was an adventure. We drove to the Rose Bowl, parked the car,
purchased our tickets at $7.00 each and got on a bus. We were on the bus for about 15 minutes. The floats were parked in a residential area.
This was taken at the entrance of the viewing. We arrived just after the 9:00am opening. It was a very foggy day.
Maggie & Amie in front of one of the colorful floats.
Going around and viewing the floats takes a lot less time than going around taking pictures of the floats. I spotted a neat vine grown alley & convinced the girls to pose for a few photos. Amie very edited in Photoshop.
Just as I finished, we had two security guards, come out of no where, and ask what we were doing. Thankfully, I just finished. They said they were concerned about our safety????
We were NOT the only ones viewing the floats. Took this just as we were leaving at around 12:30. I hope each of you will someday have the opportunity to see the Rose Parade Floats.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Health Care Proxy

My Thursday Tip concerns everyone 18 or over having a HEALTH CARE PROXY.
This is something I have been telling everyone, everyone that would listen to me, they need to have. When Eric, at a healthy 23 years old, had to be transported by helicopter to a hospital 100 miles away I became a Health Care Proxy Advocate. Shortly after his recovery I had all four of us sign a proxy, which I now store in our freezer.
Facts concerning a Health Care Proxy.
Frequently asked Questions.
Here is the form.
Please, please print one, two or more and sign one for yourself and any other family member or friend you can convince. Having this form may save your family member(s) unnecessary stress, quite possibly delay in medical treatment, family disagreements and most importantly your wishes will be followed out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Decorating Assistance

I'm trying to figure out how I want to hang pictures on one of the walls in our "new" dining room.
Which do you like better, if you even care?
Example 1.
Example 2
I'm leaning towards number 1, I think.
I also have two smaller pictures that I could add. Would that be to much?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Difference Between Boys & Girls

I didn't start out taking pictures to compare the difference between the two apartments. When I got home & started looking through I found the comparisons interesting. Can you tell which belongs to Eric & which belongs to Amie?

Electrical tools.
Decorations around the apartments.
Bed headboards.
There is only one. : )

Card displays, those Park Lane kids get around.

One more look.
I bet you knew which coast each picture was taken!