Tuesday, September 29, 2009


After our summer break, I'm back with reading for Book Club. The selection was Passage by Connie Willis. It's about physicians attempting to document near death experiences or NDE. I thought the book was about 50 pages to long, it became very repetitive in the middle. I've always had an interest in NDE and the book made for good discussion. The religious aspect came up at the meeting and the saying goes, "Never talk religion or politics." Although, I like talking religion or politics but only with family or close friends.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

I was a Republican just for the day. Sorry Mick, it was just for a day.Meg & I went to the Ronald Reagan Library & Museum and we now want to visit every presidential library.
A piece of the Berlin Wall.
I assume the top photo is the side from the East & the bottom the West.
The entrance to the library.
This was one of my favorite displays. The office built to scale.
The china used during his term. They have china patterns going all the way back to Lincoln's term.
I loved all the personal displays. This cake topper looks a lot like mine.
This is a hat worn by a woman traveling west by wagon train. Someday I want to go to Oregon to see the ruts made by the wagons. There are still some left.
The museum was so interesting. If you go visit Amie, and she wants everyone to come visit her, you need to go to the library. Air Force One, 2600 is also at the museum. I'll have that on another day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Weekend

It's the first weekend of Fall, and I love Fall.

This weekend I hope to break out my sweaters, bake some pumpkin bread, watch football, wear a sweatshirt, do some crafting, cook something in the crock pot & enjoy the fall weather. It's to early for fall photography our leaves have just started to change colors.

Hope you will have a wonderful fall weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

LA County Fair

We went to the LA County Fair on September 5th. Admission was only $1.00 that day! A lot of people took advantage of that admission price. We did a wine tasting.
It was sponsored by Ralph's. Ralph's is where Amie does her grocery shopping.
There was a botanical garden/rain forest.
It was one of favorite parts of the fair.
It was VERY hot and it was nice to cool off under the "rain."
My favorite shot of the fair.
Amie humored me. : )
It's when I see things like this that I know I'm far away from home. The Steelers bumper sticker just didn't seem to fit in.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Santa Barbara

My sun drenched, perfectly pedicured feet, on my something, something birthday.
A stanger came by and offered to take our picture, using my camera.
Amie's photography teacher says that taking photographs of flowers is the lazy man's subject. So I set out to look for other subjects.

It was very foggy and overcast when we arrived.
Her teacher may be right. It was a lot of fun looking for other things to take rather than my usual flowers.
We had a wonderful day along the Pacific Coast.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving Day

While I was visiting Amie she moved. The night I flew out was her first night in her new, much cheaper, apartment.
Driving in LA is bad and Amie drove a U Haul. She stayed off the highways and made her way through side streets. Well, side streets by LA standards. Meg, Maggie & one of her new roommates Laura all helped.
Amie had to leave Christina. : ( Christina's new roommate is from NY. What are the chances?
Isn't this a nice entrance to an apartment? I think so.
Amie, enjoy your new home!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Station Fire

LA is very dry. There are always commercials on TV talking about water conservation.

When we went to the LA County Fair it was the closet I got to the Station Fire.

The Station Fire is about 40 miles from Amie's apartment. Two mornings, the week before I arrived, she had ash on her car. The fire was 62% contained on the day I took these photos. I always assumed that meant 62% of the fire was out. I learned that it means, only 38% of the fire is able to spread.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Risking My Life

This photo is very similar to yesterday's Wordless Wednesday and I risked my life to get them.
It was taken in an area just outside the Reagan Library.
Meg was with me and I told her, "Don't pay attention to what I am doing. You watch the ground for snakes & if you see one scream as loud as you can." She told me she had never seen a snake. I didn't have a lot of comfort with her being my watch out.
Meg was another of my photo shoot subjects, well victim, during my stay in LA. I'll be making up a print to give her Mom at our October breakfast. Thanks Meg, for keeping me safe & for letting me take your photo.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Amie & I traveled two hours north of LA to Solvang, the "Danish Town of the USA."
The most famous Dane.
There are several buildings with crosses on their peaks. I'm not sure what the story is behind that.
We stayed at an hotel with a windmill, the hotel from the movie Sideways. The front desk attendant told us just the night prior to our arrival the number off the hotel door was stolen to the room used in the movie. I wonder if they tell everyone that! : )
The most famous Danish food.
My danish was DELICIOUS! The best I've ever had.
Wish I had another one of those right now!

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is LA?

I've been in LA since the 4th. I arrived home yesterday afternoon with way to little sleep during my time away. I had very little trouble adjusting to the three hour time change during my stay, unlike when I was there for Christmas. All four legs of my flights went well. All were on time, in fact I arrived in LA 45 minutes early. These two photos show the landscape of the area around LA. There are either buildings or mountains & tundra. Oh, I won't mention traffic. That would be high on the list describing LA.
I did have willing, for the most part, photo shoot subjects. I LoVE when I have willing subjects. I messed around with different lighting & camera settings with these two. The Amie with bangs reveal.
Cowboy boots, actually all style of boots, are popular in LA, who knew.
Thanks for having me Amie & Christina! Fair warning, I have lots & lots of photos to share about my week.