Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tip Thursday

Now that we are in potato & macaroni salad days, I did a taste test.
It was not a blind taste test.
Hellmann's mayonnaise is the best mayo, be it Light or Regular. I hope everyone is using Light. I don't think I could even eat the non-light mayo at this point. Fat free, can't do it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Button Heart Project

I saw this project on the Internet and knew I wanted to make one, two or more. I have a huge stash of buttons. Plus, I'm always on the look out for old buttons to buy. I showed the project to Amie & I told her I would make one for her. She choose green & brown. I love how it turned out.
I have plans to make several more. The next will be for Mom for Mother's Day. Out of all the projects I do, I never keep anything for myself. This is one project I will be making to hang in our bedroom.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Work Weekend

Before we stain the deck, we are building another deck. Our steps have an erosion issue.
Mick decided to put a drain in to move the water away from the steps.
The drain is in & tomorrow he hopes to be able to take a half day of vacation & pour the cement.
We did get one project completed over the weekend. Our stump was ground out last week!!
We have new grass on the way!
One thing that won't be coming up this year is the Lilly of the Valley. I'll plant the bulbs in the fall & hopefully they will bloom next year in a new place.

This is one Monday I'm glad to get back to work to give my body a rest.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time for lunch

A squirrel from the neighborhood. This is one of the reasons why I didn't want a white fence.

I never knew a squirrel had such long claws. I'm really scared of them now! Where was Eric with all his equipment when I needed him?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Deck Staining Opinions

I need your opinion. We will be cleaning, conditioning & staining our deck. What is your opinion on the colors I'm thinking of for the stain?
Redwood Deck
Beige Deck
Dark Brown Deck
Black Deck
There is a fence. I need your thoughts on that also.
White fence. Dark Brown or Redwood Fence.
Beige Fence.
Black Fence.
I value your opinion. Please let me know your thoughts. I'll be purchasing the stain next weekend. So, don't rush to judgement. Although, I think I made my choice right off!! Thanks to Amie for your Photoshop work. LOVE you. Maybe you can use this for extra credit in your class. : )

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tip Thursday

When you buy perennials this spring/summer, stagger your visits by 2 weeks and buy a little bit every time, making sure to buy the things that are in (or almost in) bloom. Since things bloom at different times of the season, doing this will ensure your garden will have things blooming all the time. Bloom, bloom, bloom!
Read the above on another blog & I'm so doing this, if we ever get planting weather.
I'll also be expanding my herb garden. Everything I make tastes so much better with fresh herbs. I only had one cilantro plant last year, not sure if we would like cilantro. We ended up loving the flavor. I'll be planting more this year.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

I always have the feeling that I need to do something. I always feel that I live in area where there is not something I can do. I always feel I'm not the type of person that does something. But, I was able to come up with something.

This is what I carry when I grocery shop.
Another good thing, the bags were free! Of course, you have to buy a pair of shoes to get a bag.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ode to Oden

I had visitors to my office on Friday, Brittany, Kathy & Oden. They were out on a walk.

Oden is an American Bull Dog and part Pit Bull & is from our local animal shelter.

Oden has the shiniest whitest fur coat I have ever seen. He was really camera shy or tired out from their walk. Oden belongs to Kathy and follows her where ever she goes.

Thanks for stopping by! I wish I could have walked with you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Signs of Spring, Finally

Yesterday I finally was able to see a few signs of spring around our yard.
The start of the Irises.
A bud on the lilac bush. We have a long way to go.
The top of our maple tree.
The best part of spring, sheets drying on the clothes line. Nothing better for a good nights sleep than sheets dried outside.

Of course these are just signs of spring. We have snow in the forecast for Wednesday.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Brittany returned home after her visit with Amie so, I had Brittany & the Moms over for dinner.
The next morning I was so mad at myself when I realized I took NO people pictures. DARN DARN
I made a vegetarian dinner. I liked the meal although, there was a lot of prep work involved. I will definitely be making the salad again.
Everyone enJOY your weekend.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Day Photos

Thankfully everyone was agreeable to allow me to take a few photos on Easter Sunday. I took them in the garage. It was very cold & windy outside. They came out to "posed" for my liking. I have so much to learn about photography!!!
A picture taken just for Lilpoppy.

Kyle the old baseball player. The now lacrosse player.

Still tanned from a recent Caribbean cruise.

Three generations.

A very well behaved three year old!

I'll be making some prints up to mail out to Brian & Sherri.

My favorite photo of the day!

I have to plan my blogging ahead of time. You'll see Mick's photo on his birthday & Mom's on Mother's Day. Also, I didn't take any photos of the Boonelli family. They have their own family photographer and according to her blog they've had their fill of photography.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bits of Easter

Easter Day was spent at Mom's. Her house is always decorated for each & every holiday and season. I took many pictures of things around her house. The eggs are hand painted & in an old muffin tin.
Galatine, a delicacy according to Mom, was from a butcher shop in the city. Ham, gelatin and spices. Mom ate it as a child, homemade by her paternal grandmother. I was the only one who would even try a piece, only one piece. The Peat Pot Baskets were a big hit. Each was filled with a Lindt lamb and egg.

The table was set with miss matched Polish Pottery that Mom has recently started to collect.
We spent parts of our weekend watching parents feed their babies. Unfortunately, the babies never looked out of the house. Hope you had a nice Easter weekend.