Monday, April 13, 2009

Bits of Easter

Easter Day was spent at Mom's. Her house is always decorated for each & every holiday and season. I took many pictures of things around her house. The eggs are hand painted & in an old muffin tin.
Galatine, a delicacy according to Mom, was from a butcher shop in the city. Ham, gelatin and spices. Mom ate it as a child, homemade by her paternal grandmother. I was the only one who would even try a piece, only one piece. The Peat Pot Baskets were a big hit. Each was filled with a Lindt lamb and egg.

The table was set with miss matched Polish Pottery that Mom has recently started to collect.
We spent parts of our weekend watching parents feed their babies. Unfortunately, the babies never looked out of the house. Hope you had a nice Easter weekend.


Mau said...

Who painted the eggs? That ham & GEL-oh stuff looks great!

lilpoppy said...

OMG Mau it is gross!!!! And yes, there were photo shoots.

Anonymous said...

Cute! Cute! CUTE!
I have added you to my blog list. ; )

LA Girl said...

That jelly stuff looks gross, but I would have tried it!