Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!
  If you are like me the only thing you hope for today are very few trick-or-treaters.
                                                            Hope my photo scared you!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Monarch Butterflies

When on a walk last month I saw fields upon fields with Monarch Butterflies.
I thought Monarchs were only out in the spring. After reading this article. I figured these are fourth generation Monarchs.
I agree with the article, "the most beautiful of all butterflies."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dog Bed

Just like me, Mick made something for Poppins, a dog bed. Amie sent him an email with a photograph of the style she wanted. He purchased the legs, cut out of plywood the base and head board. He  stained everything and preset the screw holes so Amie could easily put it together.
There are two metal braces that hold the head board.
The bed was custom made to fit the dog bed. As you can see Poppins loves the bed.
Have you figured out that Poppins is very spoiled? Poppins has come a long way from the streets of LA.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Two days after the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, died I went by the Apple store in Philadelphia. Really like that in my photo I can see the photo another bystander is taking with his iPhone and the comparison to the first Apple computer juxtaposed with the iPhone.

I got an iPad in July and became so hooked I had an iPhone by the end of the month.
All the press talks about is what will happen with the Apple products. Why can't the media simply talk about what his loss will be to his wife and four children?  Isn't that what's it all about, FAMILY.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Philadelphia

All the "Occupies" cost the cites a lot of money. This is just a small sampling of the police officers involved. 
Let the protest march begin. They were marching around and around and around City Hall.
Mostly young people & college students.
Amie, David and I were at Philadelphia City Hall on the first day of Philly's "Take Back Wall Street" protest. We went as site seer's only.
The make shift "Medical Center."
The "Sign Making" center. Amie and I really wanted to take part in a bit of sign crafting.
Today marks the one month anniversary of the protests. I agree with several of their issues. Hey, you never know, maybe some good will come out of this.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Poppins Pawprints is a mix of Jack Russell and Carin Terrier. Poppins belongs to Amie and was rescued off the downtown streets of LA by a women who works there. She watched him for several weeks getting thinner and thinner. She had to hire a vet to nurse him back to health, at a cost of $1,500. As a owner of four other dogs she put him up for adoption, listing him on Craig's List. Poppins was the first dog Amie saw online and decided right away that he was "the one."
Poppins, just under one year old, pictured on a sidewalk in Philly.
Can you figure out who is pictured on the below canvas?
 I made the below out of colored paper. Colored paper that I ran through a copy machine printing old book pages onto the paper. 
Once it was pieced together I sealed it with varnish. The canvas now sits on the mantel in Amie's apartment.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Decorating

Over the weekend I started to put out my autumn decorations. I love fall and all the symbols involved with fall. Plus, you can have the decorations out for all of October & November. Unlike Christmas, you should only have out for the month of December.

Last year I bought a real white pumpkin at a local farm for the top of the scale. This year by the time I went they were already sold out. Must be white pumpkins have become very popular.  This light brown pumpkin is carved out of plastic made to look like wood.  
I will remove the crow after Halloween and in its place put a pumpkin.
As everyone knows putting out holiday decorations is a lot of work & turns your home into a mess. Right Kay? Kay was was in the area on Saturday & came by to visit me. She just happened to catch me in the middle of my autumn decorating. Thanks so much for stopping by!!