Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Which Presidential Candidate thinks like you?

Panache sent me a site where you can complete a questionnaire and compare your views to the candidates running for our next president. Go to:
It will take approximately two minutes to answer all the questions.

I will have a Valentine gift to the person that guesses correctly which candidate matched with my views, only one guess each. You will have until Monday, February 4th, 8:00pm est. If more than one person is correct, I will pull a name out of a hat.

Angel, the winner of my January contest, has decided on one of my photograph's of NYC. He lived in NYC as a child. I started looking through my NYC photograph's and if I don't find one that I really like for him I will take one during my next trip to visit Bone.

My next post will be Buck Rub Part 2. Oh, the tension mounts. : )

Monday, January 28, 2008

ER Visit

While I was visiting Mau over the weekend, my husband had to make a visit to the local emergency room. He woke up with a stomach ache Friday and fainted on the way to the bathroom. He is not sure how long he was out when he woke up in a pool of blood. He cleaned everything up, was happy he fell on the hardwood floor and not the new carpet, and proceeded to drive himself to the ER. He received 12 stitches and had a cat scan, to which he protested, the doctor insisted to make sure he had not sustained a head injury. Was back home by midnight. Tomorrow he has an appointment to have the stitches removed even thou the ER doctor said five to seven days before removal. Our experience with Bone's many many many cuts to the face, it is important to have stitches on your face removed very soon to cut down on scaring. Even thou Bone was never able to do that since there were hockey games to play, he always had to wait until the following Monday after the weekend games. Since he doesn't have any hockey games to play we are hoping the doctor will go ahead and remove them tomorrow.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Buck Rub Part One

Leigh Leigh and I took off on a nice roadside walk the day before Christmas.
A waterfall right along the side of Route 73.

One of the private side roads off of Route 73.

Out enjoying a beautiful sunny but snowy day.

When we returned to the lodge Bone asked us to go see a "buck rub." He said it was the biggest rub he had ever seen. The only problem was that the rub was up the side of a hill behind the lodge and we only had short boots on. He convinced us that if he went first and blazed the trail we could follow in his footprints. Neither Leigh Leigh nor I had ever seen a buck rub ..... so off we went.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tell me it ain't so.

I participated in a NFL pool and out of 62 participants I came in sixth place. We had to choose the team that would win each game of the season and guess the total points scored in the Monday Night game, the Monday night guess was used as a tie breaker. The entrance fee was $85. I never won a week but I did well enough in the total picks to win some money. I didn't realize until the reunion that this type of game is illegal, per Little Uncle David. Thankfully, I didn't find out I was participating in an illegal activity until the very last week of picks. I am a VERY law abiding citizen. David took all the fun out of my participation. I think I should give my winnings to charity.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

G Men

Only a few more hours until our game. Guacamole is made, salsas & blue corn chips are ready; get it? red salsas & blue corn chips, so are the cheese & crackers. We are out to buy the beer. Friends are coming over around 6:00.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You are not seeing double.

These are the bird feeders that Mick built for me and put up on Sunday, my belated Christmas gift. Yes the orange poles are bad, was the only rust spray paint we had. I will paint them dark green or brown this spring.

The above feeder has "song bird" seed and the below "black oil sunflower" seed. Both poles have the stop squirrel disks.

I saw my first birds this morning. There was a morning dove eating seeds that dropped to the ground and a blue jay eating the sunflower seeds. Mom doesn't like blue jays because she says they will pick thru the song bird food for the sunflower seeds and will be mean to the song birds to scare them away. That's why I buy sunflower seeds just for them.
Sorry Mom.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


In October Mick made Kimchee. Kimchee, the "National Treasure of Korea", who knew? He didn't like paying $6.00 for a small jar from the grocery store so he attempted to make a batch. It turned out good. So good in fact, that he gave a bowl of it to our neighbor.
Last night they got together and made a second batch using six pounds of cabbage. Other ingredients included; green onions, fresh ginger & garlic, sea salt, pepper flakes, hot pepper powder, jalapenos and white sugar.

Unlike Mick, Bob cooks. In fact, he is a great cook. He even came with his own supplies. Look at that knife that he brought. I was very jealous. He also had a sharpening stone. Before he left he sharpened the fabric scissors that I always use, they belonged to my maternal grandmother. I don't eat Kimchee and I don't think many will eat this version. They used the hottest pepper powder and jalapenos available. We were all sneezing.When Bob tasted the pepper powder I had to give him a slice of bread to cool the burn in his mouth. They keep insisting it won't be to hot for them?

Mick did the mixing and the reading of the recipe, which he got off the Internet. The bowl of Kimchee is now in our basement fermenting. Maybe they will have it to enjoy during the BIG, BIG, BIG football game this Sunday, January 20th at 6:30pm. We hope that it won't be the only thing we will enjoy!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The winner is.......

Oh, so many know me so well. Yes, I would love to write a cookbook. At keyingredient.com you can download photos and include 50 recipes for only $12 each for a bound recipe book. If I had a Michael's in my home town, or any craft store for that matter, I would be there one evening a week teaching crafts. Sunday, in my backyard went up two new bird feeders. I ordered a bird watching book for New York state. Hopefully, I can start identifying birds that come to my feeders and in warm weather my bird bath. I have been dabbling in genealogy since I started scrapbooking five years ago. EllisIsland.com is a great resource. I was able to find out when my paternal grandmother left England, when she arrived in NYC and even a picture of the ship she traveled on! Weightwatchers.com is now running a special where you can join their online membership for a week at NO cost. Everyone needs to go there, even if you don't need to lose weight, they have great recipes.
So, the people that know me so well did not correctly guess my new empty nest filler and I didn't think they would. I have joined a gym. My fifty year old muscles are in complete protest. They were confident they would go their entire life without any workout. Angelsays is the winner. Email me at geloh57@gmail.com and we will negotiate your prize. I will let everyone know what that prize ends up being.
I had computer problems over the weekend, I could not read or send out emails yet I could get on the internet. Somehow I was able to get everything fixed last night and I will start posting some pictures again.
Thanks for everyones participation!! I will definitely be having another contest. I am thinking around Valentine's Day.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


With my empty nest I have been scrapbooking & getting into photography. I have now taken up something else. Post a comment on the blog as to what you think that new "something" is and the winner will receive a prize. No, this Blog is not the answer. You will have until Monday, January 14th, 8:00pm est. One guess each. If more than one is correct, I'll draw a name out of a hat.
The prize will be something made or photographed by me. I will negotiate with the winner, if there is one. A mini scrapbook, a portrait, a framed picture, or some of my photo greeting cards.
Bone & LA Girl are not eligible, they already know the answer. Don't try to bribe them either. Bone once told his Dad what I got him for Christmas, after this Dad gave him $20.00. I don't want to find out about any cheating. Mau also can be very sneaky, I'll tell you about her Geneseo ID card story on another post.
This weekend I am going to start posting some of the pictures I took at the reunion.
Thank goodness, tomorrow TGIF.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The worst of times, the best of times.

Ice Storm 1998 Tenth Anniversary
Lost Power on January 8, 1998 at 3:40am
Power Restored January 15, 1998 at 2:30pm
While Dad was in Texas on a consulting job we spent a week in the cold and dark. We closed off the kitchen doors and windows with blankets and spent our days around the candle lit kitchen table playing cards and board games. Bone hooked large speakers from the computer to a small battery operated radio to keep us informed of the latest news. Luckily, we had a gas stove, so we emptied out the freezer and held big feasts every night. Unlike some families, we had natural gas for hot showers and we were never with out telephone service. Dad came home 24 hours prior to our power being restored, with him, he brought a generator to run our furnace. We were very pleased with our survivor skills and ingenuity. We had a GREAT week together, one that we will never forget! (As taken from LA Girls scrapbook.)
Today we had a high of 62 degrees, it broke the previous record high of 54 set in 1937. I like the weather story of 2008 much better than 1998!

Monday, January 7, 2008


I had an opportunity to take a great picture of
E Grace, Otto & LA Girl.

Only one problem, I had the telephoto lens on my camera.

This is the result.
Hope Otto never finds out.
See E Graces black sleeve & LA Girls hair?

I was able to get some great action shots, using my telephoto of course.

Syracuse won, their first Big East win.

After the game we went to The Retreat for dinner, a great sports bar atmosphere. Had some delicious french onion soup.Then to the movies, Atonement.It was a very depressing movie but it is thought provoking.I had to close my eyes a couple times during the war scenes.

My favorite picture of the weekend.

They are so CUTE!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I wish you HAPPINESS
in all that you do,
and may you do much in 2008.

It is not things that are important but friends and family.

May we all find a lot of time to share with our friends and family.

A fresh start a new beginning, 2008.