Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The worst of times, the best of times.

Ice Storm 1998 Tenth Anniversary
Lost Power on January 8, 1998 at 3:40am
Power Restored January 15, 1998 at 2:30pm
While Dad was in Texas on a consulting job we spent a week in the cold and dark. We closed off the kitchen doors and windows with blankets and spent our days around the candle lit kitchen table playing cards and board games. Bone hooked large speakers from the computer to a small battery operated radio to keep us informed of the latest news. Luckily, we had a gas stove, so we emptied out the freezer and held big feasts every night. Unlike some families, we had natural gas for hot showers and we were never with out telephone service. Dad came home 24 hours prior to our power being restored, with him, he brought a generator to run our furnace. We were very pleased with our survivor skills and ingenuity. We had a GREAT week together, one that we will never forget! (As taken from LA Girls scrapbook.)
Today we had a high of 62 degrees, it broke the previous record high of 54 set in 1937. I like the weather story of 2008 much better than 1998!

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