Monday, January 7, 2008


I had an opportunity to take a great picture of
E Grace, Otto & LA Girl.

Only one problem, I had the telephoto lens on my camera.

This is the result.
Hope Otto never finds out.
See E Graces black sleeve & LA Girls hair?

I was able to get some great action shots, using my telephoto of course.

Syracuse won, their first Big East win.

After the game we went to The Retreat for dinner, a great sports bar atmosphere. Had some delicious french onion soup.Then to the movies, Atonement.It was a very depressing movie but it is thought provoking.I had to close my eyes a couple times during the war scenes.

My favorite picture of the weekend.

They are so CUTE!

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Donna said...

You made my day!! The blog is back! Too bad the Otto picture did not come out, but the one of the girls is very nice! I miss the LA girl already :(