Friday, July 31, 2009

Final Wedding Preparations

Make up is serious business! LA even flew out to LA in the spring for a test run & purchasing weekend. Make up is also an expensive proposition. This was all done at the condos.

Amie also did her own makeup, mine & one of the bridesmaids. When Amie got her hair done she asked for "Texas hair." She loved how it looked.

Right to the end LA was going over the to-do-list.
Getting dressed at the Church.
Signing the marriage license. According the the minister "It's official."
I Do on the shoes.
Last minute make up touch up. This is my favorite photo of the day.
Fair warning, there are not many photographs of the wedding reception and none of the ceremony.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Rehersal Dinner

The bride-to-be place card. The last time with that name.
A few family photos.
The first time we were all together since Memorial Day weekend 2008!!!

Our Texas family.
Kristen came!
The Nebraskans minus Kate. : (
See the black & white parents above.
After Amie's maid-of-honor speech she decided she may be good at public speaking & might take up acting. At least she lives in the right city already.
Finally "the couple" with Courtney & Kathleen, Leigh Anna's college friends, with their husbands.
The dinner was hosted by Charles & Jean Lang, Steven's parents. The food was delicious and the grounds where it was held was beautiful. The highlight of the evening was the wonderful photo slideshow that LA & Steven put together. LA needs to put a link onto her blog for all the see.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bridesmaid Luncheon

Steven's Aunt Sara and her daughter Lauren, his sister-in-law Stephanie and myself hosted a Bridesmaid Luncheon after the rehearsal. It was held in our condo.
We purchased from a caterer, chicken salad, tossed salad & a fruit tray. The rolls were herded & delicious. The chicken salad was probably the best I've had.
This is Lauren, she made & served the Mimosas.
The favors were wedding dresses filled with white pearl mints.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Rehersal

The groomsmen lined up, tallest to shortest. The wedding coordinator was wonderful. Mau is the wedding coordinator for her church!!
I loved the bows on the front two pews.
An emotional practice walk. The bouquet was from the Columbia shower. It was made by Kathleen, one of the bridesmaids.See the trumpet player in the back? He played really loud the day of the ceremony and it was perfect! I now think every wedding ceremony needs a trumpet player.
Won't it be nice to go thru married life saying you were married "by the sea"?
The front of the church.

Friday, July 24, 2009

HHI Biking

Mick rented two bikes for three days during our stay on HHI. Cost was about $35.00 & it was so worth it.

There are bike trails on every street. The paths are beautiful. This weeks Wordless Wednesday was taken on one of the paths, so will next weeks. Next weeks photo is one of my favorites taken on HHI. The bike paths are very official, just like the roads. The small STOP signs were so cute!
Mick waiting for me to catch up. I was always stopping for photos. We saw this turtle & he was NOT very friendly.
I got a basket with my bike, it came in very handy. Both our locks had the same combination. We were always wondering if every bike from our rental had the same numbers??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mick's Latest Project

Thankfully Jim had a project ready for Mick when we arrived.

A frame for the air conditioner/heater for the FROG.

Wondering what a FROG is?

Furnished Room Over Garage!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been on Hilton Head Island the last week.
I think it should be renamed to Hot Hot Island!
I have lots of photos to share, need to get caught up with life first!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

07-08-09 @ 10:11:12

Eastern Standard & Pacific Standard Time
Thanks, Amie, Kristen & Eric for forwarding your photos. I'm hoping Donna & Tracy put photos on their blog today!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009


Mick found out about a barn sale over the 4th of July weekend. Since we were going to be in Lake Placid he made arrangements for us to go out on Friday night.
I was so excited when I found a tomato pin cushion. It is big, flat & made out of the most beautiful red velvet! What a find! I need about 5 more cushions now.
The sewing case is in perfect condition. Very unusual that I find something like this with the latch still attached.
The husband of the owner told her to throw out the drawer, it was the first thing I spotted. You can still see J. & P. Coats. I have no idea what it came out of & they didn't either. I put all my scrapbooking punches in the drawer & it's made my table much neater, "neat" as it picked up.
Just of few of my favorites from the sale. Bonnie, to bad you missed it! I thought of you when I was walking the barn.