Monday, July 13, 2009


Mick found out about a barn sale over the 4th of July weekend. Since we were going to be in Lake Placid he made arrangements for us to go out on Friday night.
I was so excited when I found a tomato pin cushion. It is big, flat & made out of the most beautiful red velvet! What a find! I need about 5 more cushions now.
The sewing case is in perfect condition. Very unusual that I find something like this with the latch still attached.
The husband of the owner told her to throw out the drawer, it was the first thing I spotted. You can still see J. & P. Coats. I have no idea what it came out of & they didn't either. I put all my scrapbooking punches in the drawer & it's made my table much neater, "neat" as it picked up.
Just of few of my favorites from the sale. Bonnie, to bad you missed it! I thought of you when I was walking the barn.


ke said...

Walmart carries tomato pincushions, but they are definitely not made of red velvet.

lilpoppy said...

Oh but Ke, they have to be antique. Nice finds at the sale, what did Mick get?

ke said...

Just buy them ASAP and hang on to them for 50 years!

Kristy Girl said...

i like the pin cushions!!! is that the jar you got when you were visiting me?!

GEL-Oh said...

Yes, Kristen that is the jar I bought at The Container Store.
Ke, I may have to purchase new & hope I live to 100! Lilpoppy, Mick didn't buy a thing. Although, he is working on fixing something I got at the sale. I'm saving that for another day, I mean Post.