Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Rehersal Dinner

The bride-to-be place card. The last time with that name.
A few family photos.
The first time we were all together since Memorial Day weekend 2008!!!

Our Texas family.
Kristen came!
The Nebraskans minus Kate. : (
See the black & white parents above.
After Amie's maid-of-honor speech she decided she may be good at public speaking & might take up acting. At least she lives in the right city already.
Finally "the couple" with Courtney & Kathleen, Leigh Anna's college friends, with their husbands.
The dinner was hosted by Charles & Jean Lang, Steven's parents. The food was delicious and the grounds where it was held was beautiful. The highlight of the evening was the wonderful photo slideshow that LA & Steven put together. LA needs to put a link onto her blog for all the see.


Mau said...

Which of those parents is the black one? Nice pictures!

Leigh Leigh said...

I love all of your pictures. I cannot wait to see them all. Will you send a CD?

I will get that link up for the slideshow...what a good idea!

lilpoppy said...

The pictures turned out wonderful!!Mom got to see them this morning she thought they were very nice and wants the one of Eric and Amie.