Friday, July 24, 2009

HHI Biking

Mick rented two bikes for three days during our stay on HHI. Cost was about $35.00 & it was so worth it.

There are bike trails on every street. The paths are beautiful. This weeks Wordless Wednesday was taken on one of the paths, so will next weeks. Next weeks photo is one of my favorites taken on HHI. The bike paths are very official, just like the roads. The small STOP signs were so cute!
Mick waiting for me to catch up. I was always stopping for photos. We saw this turtle & he was NOT very friendly.
I got a basket with my bike, it came in very handy. Both our locks had the same combination. We were always wondering if every bike from our rental had the same numbers??


lilpoppy said...

Those bike paths are great, looks like fun.

Mau said...

The bikes were a great deal. I used one for free. Thanks, Mick and Gale! The only problem is, they come with sunburn.

Cristina said...


Thank you, thank you! For the adorable button heart collage! It looks great in my room, you can see for yourself when you come for a visit!