Wednesday, January 16, 2008


In October Mick made Kimchee. Kimchee, the "National Treasure of Korea", who knew? He didn't like paying $6.00 for a small jar from the grocery store so he attempted to make a batch. It turned out good. So good in fact, that he gave a bowl of it to our neighbor.
Last night they got together and made a second batch using six pounds of cabbage. Other ingredients included; green onions, fresh ginger & garlic, sea salt, pepper flakes, hot pepper powder, jalapenos and white sugar.

Unlike Mick, Bob cooks. In fact, he is a great cook. He even came with his own supplies. Look at that knife that he brought. I was very jealous. He also had a sharpening stone. Before he left he sharpened the fabric scissors that I always use, they belonged to my maternal grandmother. I don't eat Kimchee and I don't think many will eat this version. They used the hottest pepper powder and jalapenos available. We were all sneezing.When Bob tasted the pepper powder I had to give him a slice of bread to cool the burn in his mouth. They keep insisting it won't be to hot for them?

Mick did the mixing and the reading of the recipe, which he got off the Internet. The bowl of Kimchee is now in our basement fermenting. Maybe they will have it to enjoy during the BIG, BIG, BIG football game this Sunday, January 20th at 6:30pm. We hope that it won't be the only thing we will enjoy!



The Mad Tern said...

Kimchee is EXCELLENT, but if we got any, I'd be the only one who'd eat it. Then, I'd always smell like garlic and everyone would avoid me. Hey, this is sounding better and better!

lilpoppy said...

Never have had Kimchee, but it does sound good. But like Mick I am not a cook so I would probably have too have Butch do the cooking and I would do the recipe reading. So is this what Mick is doing with his empty nest syndrome?