Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The winner is.......

Oh, so many know me so well. Yes, I would love to write a cookbook. At keyingredient.com you can download photos and include 50 recipes for only $12 each for a bound recipe book. If I had a Michael's in my home town, or any craft store for that matter, I would be there one evening a week teaching crafts. Sunday, in my backyard went up two new bird feeders. I ordered a bird watching book for New York state. Hopefully, I can start identifying birds that come to my feeders and in warm weather my bird bath. I have been dabbling in genealogy since I started scrapbooking five years ago. EllisIsland.com is a great resource. I was able to find out when my paternal grandmother left England, when she arrived in NYC and even a picture of the ship she traveled on! Weightwatchers.com is now running a special where you can join their online membership for a week at NO cost. Everyone needs to go there, even if you don't need to lose weight, they have great recipes.
So, the people that know me so well did not correctly guess my new empty nest filler and I didn't think they would. I have joined a gym. My fifty year old muscles are in complete protest. They were confident they would go their entire life without any workout. Angelsays is the winner. Email me at geloh57@gmail.com and we will negotiate your prize. I will let everyone know what that prize ends up being.
I had computer problems over the weekend, I could not read or send out emails yet I could get on the internet. Somehow I was able to get everything fixed last night and I will start posting some pictures again.
Thanks for everyones participation!! I will definitely be having another contest. I am thinking around Valentine's Day.

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lilpoppy said...

Oh well, maybe I will have better luck next time! Can't wait to see what she comes up with next :) Hey Mau, notice that my name has changed!