Thursday, January 17, 2008

You are not seeing double.

These are the bird feeders that Mick built for me and put up on Sunday, my belated Christmas gift. Yes the orange poles are bad, was the only rust spray paint we had. I will paint them dark green or brown this spring.

The above feeder has "song bird" seed and the below "black oil sunflower" seed. Both poles have the stop squirrel disks.

I saw my first birds this morning. There was a morning dove eating seeds that dropped to the ground and a blue jay eating the sunflower seeds. Mom doesn't like blue jays because she says they will pick thru the song bird food for the sunflower seeds and will be mean to the song birds to scare them away. That's why I buy sunflower seeds just for them.
Sorry Mom.


The Mad Tern said...

Do the squirrel disks work?

lilpoppy said...

The birdhouses are very nice! In my backyard I would not need the squirrel disks, sydney takes care of them. Mick ever think of building bat houses?? Remember the bats???? Thank god for hard hats and bb guns!