Friday, October 14, 2011


Poppins Pawprints is a mix of Jack Russell and Carin Terrier. Poppins belongs to Amie and was rescued off the downtown streets of LA by a women who works there. She watched him for several weeks getting thinner and thinner. She had to hire a vet to nurse him back to health, at a cost of $1,500. As a owner of four other dogs she put him up for adoption, listing him on Craig's List. Poppins was the first dog Amie saw online and decided right away that he was "the one."
Poppins, just under one year old, pictured on a sidewalk in Philly.
Can you figure out who is pictured on the below canvas?
 I made the below out of colored paper. Colored paper that I ran through a copy machine printing old book pages onto the paper. 
Once it was pieced together I sealed it with varnish. The canvas now sits on the mantel in Amie's apartment.

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