Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Day Photos

Thankfully everyone was agreeable to allow me to take a few photos on Easter Sunday. I took them in the garage. It was very cold & windy outside. They came out to "posed" for my liking. I have so much to learn about photography!!!
A picture taken just for Lilpoppy.

Kyle the old baseball player. The now lacrosse player.

Still tanned from a recent Caribbean cruise.

Three generations.

A very well behaved three year old!

I'll be making some prints up to mail out to Brian & Sherri.

My favorite photo of the day!

I have to plan my blogging ahead of time. You'll see Mick's photo on his birthday & Mom's on Mother's Day. Also, I didn't take any photos of the Boonelli family. They have their own family photographer and according to her blog they've had their fill of photography.


Amber said...

"Garage Photography" is becoming a big thing! (Too bad I don't have a garage...) I don't think they look too posed. I think they look great! I really like the last two!!! :)

Rachel said...

nice!! hope you had a happy easter