Friday, April 24, 2009

Deck Staining Opinions

I need your opinion. We will be cleaning, conditioning & staining our deck. What is your opinion on the colors I'm thinking of for the stain?
Redwood Deck
Beige Deck
Dark Brown Deck
Black Deck
There is a fence. I need your thoughts on that also.
White fence. Dark Brown or Redwood Fence.
Beige Fence.
Black Fence.
I value your opinion. Please let me know your thoughts. I'll be purchasing the stain next weekend. So, don't rush to judgement. Although, I think I made my choice right off!! Thanks to Amie for your Photoshop work. LOVE you. Maybe you can use this for extra credit in your class. : )


lilpoppy said...

I think I like the black

Boonelli's Blog said...

I like the black too!