Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tip Thursday

When you buy perennials this spring/summer, stagger your visits by 2 weeks and buy a little bit every time, making sure to buy the things that are in (or almost in) bloom. Since things bloom at different times of the season, doing this will ensure your garden will have things blooming all the time. Bloom, bloom, bloom!
Read the above on another blog & I'm so doing this, if we ever get planting weather.
I'll also be expanding my herb garden. Everything I make tastes so much better with fresh herbs. I only had one cilantro plant last year, not sure if we would like cilantro. We ended up loving the flavor. I'll be planting more this year.


Mau said...

Good Tip!

Leigh Leigh said...

Steven loves his herb garden. He is about to get it started again. Can you tell who will be the cook in our family?