Monday, April 20, 2009

Signs of Spring, Finally

Yesterday I finally was able to see a few signs of spring around our yard.
The start of the Irises.
A bud on the lilac bush. We have a long way to go.
The top of our maple tree.
The best part of spring, sheets drying on the clothes line. Nothing better for a good nights sleep than sheets dried outside.

Of course these are just signs of spring. We have snow in the forecast for Wednesday.


Mau said...

Actually, if you have a husband with allergies, there's nothing worse for a good night's sleep than sheets dried outside! Nice pictures! Kelsey and I were studying our lilac buds, yesterday. They look like minature blooms, and there are millions of them, this year! Donna, how are yours doing?

lilpoppy said...

Well Mau I don't think I will be lilacs this year either. Butch is convinced that we never will and says that if we don't this year than the bush is getting ripped out of the ground and maybe a new one will be planted. I will keep you informed.