Monday, September 14, 2009

This is LA?

I've been in LA since the 4th. I arrived home yesterday afternoon with way to little sleep during my time away. I had very little trouble adjusting to the three hour time change during my stay, unlike when I was there for Christmas. All four legs of my flights went well. All were on time, in fact I arrived in LA 45 minutes early. These two photos show the landscape of the area around LA. There are either buildings or mountains & tundra. Oh, I won't mention traffic. That would be high on the list describing LA.
I did have willing, for the most part, photo shoot subjects. I LoVE when I have willing subjects. I messed around with different lighting & camera settings with these two. The Amie with bangs reveal.
Cowboy boots, actually all style of boots, are popular in LA, who knew.
Thanks for having me Amie & Christina! Fair warning, I have lots & lots of photos to share about my week.


lilpoppy said...

Can't wait to see more...Amie you look great!! Miss you much!!

Amie said...

Hate that looks like I am wearing a wig!