Monday, September 28, 2009

Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

I was a Republican just for the day. Sorry Mick, it was just for a day.Meg & I went to the Ronald Reagan Library & Museum and we now want to visit every presidential library.
A piece of the Berlin Wall.
I assume the top photo is the side from the East & the bottom the West.
The entrance to the library.
This was one of my favorite displays. The office built to scale.
The china used during his term. They have china patterns going all the way back to Lincoln's term.
I loved all the personal displays. This cake topper looks a lot like mine.
This is a hat worn by a woman traveling west by wagon train. Someday I want to go to Oregon to see the ruts made by the wagons. There are still some left.
The museum was so interesting. If you go visit Amie, and she wants everyone to come visit her, you need to go to the library. Air Force One, 2600 is also at the museum. I'll have that on another day.


Mau said...

You are a closet Republican. Some day, you will admit it.

Meglynn said...

it was a lovely day! i'm ready to tackle all the other presidential museums as well!