Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving Day

While I was visiting Amie she moved. The night I flew out was her first night in her new, much cheaper, apartment.
Driving in LA is bad and Amie drove a U Haul. She stayed off the highways and made her way through side streets. Well, side streets by LA standards. Meg, Maggie & one of her new roommates Laura all helped.
Amie had to leave Christina. : ( Christina's new roommate is from NY. What are the chances?
Isn't this a nice entrance to an apartment? I think so.
Amie, enjoy your new home!


Mau said...

Great pictures! Amie sure has good friends and a great Mom!

Leigh Leigh said...

Awesome! Do we get to see some pics of the inside?

lilpoppy said...

Hope you are loving your new apartment! Maybe I can come see it soon.............