Thursday, September 17, 2009

Risking My Life

This photo is very similar to yesterday's Wordless Wednesday and I risked my life to get them.
It was taken in an area just outside the Reagan Library.
Meg was with me and I told her, "Don't pay attention to what I am doing. You watch the ground for snakes & if you see one scream as loud as you can." She told me she had never seen a snake. I didn't have a lot of comfort with her being my watch out.
Meg was another of my photo shoot subjects, well victim, during my stay in LA. I'll be making up a print to give her Mom at our October breakfast. Thanks Meg, for keeping me safe & for letting me take your photo.


lilpoppy said...

Nice picture of Meg! I was thinking we were going to see a picture of a rattlesnake, maybe next time.

Meglynn said...

i wouldnt have had it any other way Gale! i lied though, i've seen a snake, the worlds largest at the state fair. pd a dollar to do it! you would have hated it!! thanks for taking my picture! :)