Friday, January 16, 2009

Rose Parade Floats

Viewing the Rose Parade Floats was an adventure. We drove to the Rose Bowl, parked the car,
purchased our tickets at $7.00 each and got on a bus. We were on the bus for about 15 minutes. The floats were parked in a residential area.
This was taken at the entrance of the viewing. We arrived just after the 9:00am opening. It was a very foggy day.
Maggie & Amie in front of one of the colorful floats.
Going around and viewing the floats takes a lot less time than going around taking pictures of the floats. I spotted a neat vine grown alley & convinced the girls to pose for a few photos. Amie very edited in Photoshop.
Just as I finished, we had two security guards, come out of no where, and ask what we were doing. Thankfully, I just finished. They said they were concerned about our safety????
We were NOT the only ones viewing the floats. Took this just as we were leaving at around 12:30. I hope each of you will someday have the opportunity to see the Rose Parade Floats.


lilpoppy said...

The edited picture of Amie is about a copy for me!

Mau said...

I love the Amie picture, also, but I sure hope you got more without the sunglasses and hat. So far, I have only seen Amie's eyes on New Years Eve, I think! Amie, are you hiding?