Monday, January 19, 2009


Saturday I attended my nephews Basketball game, Mick was at Fay Ln for the weekend. My brother planned to attend but the weather did not permit his traveling.
According to the Team Guide, Greg is "The tallest player ever to don the maroon and grey."
The gym, I started to type "rink" out of habit, was very dark. I had to set my ISO at 1600 in order to get pictures that were not blurry and they are very grainy. The pictures came out with a yellow cast even thou I adjusted the white balance. They can be edited but I just didn't have the time.
It was easy just to convert to B&W.
When you see photographers with the huge lenses at sporting events you better believe they need them in order to get good pictures. Sporting events are the toughest to photograph.
Just pretend you are looking at a newspaper.
Greg played a good game. His skills are so much better than when he played in high school.
I think the team lost because their DEFENSE was terrible. I should have gave all the players on the team Vitamin Water.

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