Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rose Parade Floats

Growing up I always watched the Rose Parade and dreamt that I would someday attend the parade. I did something better than that, I went to the float viewing. I was able to spend time up close, for as long as I wanted, looking at each & every float. I took about 150 pictures so I'm going to show a few every couple days. Today I'm starting with animals. Looking at some you would think they were the real thing stuffed.
How cute is this guy?
The trees are also part of the float.
A fire breathing dragon.

This rabbit is on my favorite float. I'm going to do one post with pictures of this float.

Amie was making fun of me for taking a picture of the rabbits butt. But, HA HA, look at how real it looks.

Thought of Eric when we saw this guy. We sent a cell phone picture to him.

Wouldn't Eric like to see this in the woods. I don't even want to think about the consequences.

Better not get sick of Rose Parade posts. There are lots more coming. Also, see the man in the white suit. The "White Suits" were all over the grounds answering questions. Maggie hopes they got to keep their suit.


Mau said...

The bear is my favorite!

lilpoppy said...

Love the crab..

Maggie O. said...

it's true I want a sweet white suit!