Thursday, January 15, 2009

Health Care Proxy

My Thursday Tip concerns everyone 18 or over having a HEALTH CARE PROXY.
This is something I have been telling everyone, everyone that would listen to me, they need to have. When Eric, at a healthy 23 years old, had to be transported by helicopter to a hospital 100 miles away I became a Health Care Proxy Advocate. Shortly after his recovery I had all four of us sign a proxy, which I now store in our freezer.
Facts concerning a Health Care Proxy.
Frequently asked Questions.
Here is the form.
Please, please print one, two or more and sign one for yourself and any other family member or friend you can convince. Having this form may save your family member(s) unnecessary stress, quite possibly delay in medical treatment, family disagreements and most importantly your wishes will be followed out.


lilpoppy said...

Oh how I remember Eric's helicopter ride!!

Mau said...

Just Do It!