Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peanut Butter & Jelly

My kids can't accuse me of not taking risks and living on the edge. With all the talk on the radio & television about peanut butter I've been having cravings for PB&J.

I ate a sandwich for lunch & it was delicious, probably my first in three years. Not to worry, the Peanut Butter is from a jar purchased about three years ago.


LA Girl said...

Does Peanut Butter stay good that long?

Mau said...

The salmonella PB was not sold in jars, just to companies that use it in other products. Or has that changed? By the way, PB can go rancid. How do you feel?

Kay said...

You go girl! Live on the edge!

lilpoppy said... know what I have been craving and ate this weekend-peanut butter and fluff-must of been a peanut butter weekend

The Mad Tern said...

They still sell that fluff stuff? I'd much rather eat three-year-old PB. Or Nutella.