Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Randomness

This was the temperature when I arrived at work yesterday morning, that is a minus sign in front of the 14! The thermometer actually registered 15 below at one point, I try not to take pictures while driving. I have a one traffic ticket a month quota, I've already reached my limit for the month. Mick is so good about clearing the snow around my flag. It gets more difficult with each new snowfall.
Got good news yesterday. It won't be necessary to report to the county office building for jury duty this week. I'm free for another six years!
I lied. We are not finished with our first floor renovation. We have a stack of doors in the attic that used to close off all the rooms on the first floor. Mick decided to change the door in the downstairs powder room and install a door going down to the basement.

So it's cleaning the doors, framing for the basement wall, dry wall, taping & painting. Oh, and I'm sure sanding of all that drywall taping. I've I mentioned how much I hate dust? My part, cleaning & polishing the brass knobs & hardware.

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Mau said...

Good post! That's a week's worth.