Monday, January 12, 2009

Difference Between Boys & Girls

I didn't start out taking pictures to compare the difference between the two apartments. When I got home & started looking through I found the comparisons interesting. Can you tell which belongs to Eric & which belongs to Amie?

Electrical tools.
Decorations around the apartments.
Bed headboards.
There is only one. : )

Card displays, those Park Lane kids get around.

One more look.
I bet you knew which coast each picture was taken!


lilpoppy said...

I can tell....

Bone said...

Just so everyone knows any card you have ever sent to my address is on that shelf. You are looking at two years worth of cards. Those cards cover every holiday so that makes for easy decorating.

The Mad Tern said...

Hmmm... both look clean.

Kristy Girl said...

thats hilarious!! love amie's apartment!! love erics too since most of the furnishings are there because I made eric get them :)