Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Picnic Baskets vs Jugs

Remember all the great old jugs on top of the pine cupboard? Well, the jugs have been moved to the living room and the prices at the antique shop just aren't going down. Over the weekend, I got the idea of collecting more picnic baskets. I was able to find one today at the antique shop, only $30. It also had the removal tray that I love.

Depending on the size I need one or two more for the floor. There are two more left at the antique store. There is a pie basket. I liked it but its square so it wouldn't fit on the tower. The other basket is plastic. I recently read that the plastic baskets are now the rage, they're from the 50's. I just don't think it would fit with what I have. I'm staying on the hunt.

In the blogging world there is a term "Guest Blogger." It's when the author of the blog is away and another person will host the blog in his/her absence or another person has more knowledge in a particular subject that the author would like covered in his/her blog. Well, tomorrow I will be having a guest. Never thought I would host a guest on my Blog. A member of EG Racing will be giving a report on the weekend race in Cape Cod. I can't wait and I hope you are excited about seeing & reading about the race as I am!!!


Leigh Leigh said...

I like to use odd numbers when decorating. So I would say two more baskets would be a good addition to the stack on the side of the cupboard.

Mau said...

I want to guest blog! What do I know about that you don't? A dirty house? I thought you were going to the Cape, too? I do know that it doesn't matter if your baskets have trays, because you never open those baskets. Or do you use the trays separately?

lilpoppy said...

Wish I had a guest on my blog everyday, that way it would be sure to change.

GEL-Oh said...

Yes Leigh Leigh, I agree with the odd number decorating rule. I just hope I can find 2 small baskets. I don't want the tower to high.
Mau, I wanted to go to the Cape but it was to close to my Georgia trip. Have to stay home some weekends to get my house clean!
Lilpoppy, I forgot you even had a Blog. : (

The Mad Tern said...

I guess I must be really good at decorating, because I am odd, right?

Mau, want to be my guest blogger? I cannot think of anything good to put on it, so you can put anything you want.