Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Falmouth Road Race

"Hello" since there is so much interest in EG Racing GEL-Oh asked me to guest blog on how my daughter did in her second race. Sunday, August 10th was the 7 mile road race held on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Mass with 10,800 participants.
Below is the escort for the wheelchair racers. This picture was taken just prior to the last stretch to the finish line. Boy, the scenery is much different than in the Boilermaker.
This was our first view of EG coming up the last hill just before the finish line.
She did a GREAT job climbing the hill.

The fans were all cheering "GO ELLIE." It was nice that her registration number also included her name.

Again, we can tell were not in Utica racing!! Such lovely views.

View of the finish line along the ocean. It was a beautiful blue sky 80 degree morning along the Atlantic.

This is Jackie, she again was our #1 competition.

The finish times were 43.04 for Jackie and EG with 44.30.

Sister Katie was so excited to be able to take the train from NYC to cheer on EG. She got quite a sunburn. Katie, you need to get out of the city more.

At the tent for the wheelchair racers.

Coach Paul, Katie and Aunt Diane are reviewing the race with EG.
This is also a good time to get some pointers from the other contestants.

Below is the EG Racing Team Cape Cod. EG was so excited to have college friend Maria along with her parents to cheer her on. Also, Uncle Donald and girlfriend Sue. Sue is taking the picture.

I am so excited to announce that EG Racing next event will be the Boston Half-Marathon to be held Columbus Day Weekend this October. Maria will also be a participant in the race. This might be the race that EG will beat out her #1 competition. Stay tuned.


lilpoppy said...

Hey!! Your guest did a great job on your blog...Can't wait to see the one in October. Go EG Go !!

Mau said...

Nice blog! Great job, Ellie! Kelsey will be rowing in Boston's Head of the Charles in October.

LA Girl said...

EG rocks my socks!! Maybe she should do a race on the West coast! Also, great job Mrs. O. wasn't that fun?!?! maybe you should start a blog too!!