Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Permission to SHOP

The jugs on top of the pine cupboard replaced the pine tree and snowman that I had on top for the winter season. Prior to that I had leaves and a wire basket for the fall.
The jugs are the first thing I used on top that I really like. The jugs were previously displayed on the shelves in the living room with crocks. When I mentioned all this to Mick he said go out and buy more to put in the living room. I had him repeat and say after me; “You can go out and buy more jugs or crocks.”

I did stop at one antique shop on my way home from work. One jug and it was $65. No thank you. I don't think I spent $65 on all the above jugs added together.


Leigh Leigh said...

Dad suprises me like that every once in a while. I still distinctly remember him taking me to Express when I was in either middle or high school. I really wanted this one pair of expensive jeans. I tried them on for him and without pausing he said we would get them. I was shocked. He was either really ready to get out of the mall or he just didn't mind spending the money that day.

Mau said...

Leigh Anna,

Jim must have been totallly dehydrated from the mall "air" and hallucinating. There has never been a day when he didn't mind spending money. How'd you get him in a mall?

Leigh Leigh said...

I think it was the mall air also. I can't even remember why we went. I don't know if it was specifically for those pants or because we had to do something else there.

The Mad Tern said...

K is free to buy whatever she wants without an argument from me. I can make her that promise, because I know she is tighter with money than I am, which is saying something!

leigh leigh, your dad must really love you! You couldn't get me into a mall with a gun and a gurney. The money isn't the problem; it's the experience!