Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How dare they?

I received this email from Gertrude Hawk yesterday.
They are having a sale and they want me to buy some chocolate.
If they only knew.
Maybe next time.

I received a call from Paris yesterday.

"The city is just beautiful & very clean. All the food, so far, has been delicious. I was NOT impressed with the Eiffel Tower. You know it's just a bunch of metal."


The Mad Tern said...

It is good that your daughter can enjoy Paris. I had a friend who went there and was treated as a pariah, because he was American. He caught the first train to Switzerland and put Paris behind him.

lilpoppy said...

What a amazing thing to be able to see. Wonder if she had the chance to view it at night, heard the tower is just beautiful then. All I keep thinking is someday......

Mau said...

I think lil' poppy should stop waiting for "someday," and Jell-O should buy lots of Gertrude Hawk for after the surgery! I also think Mau should get off the computer and clean her house.

By the way, Jell-O, your blogging stamina is amazing!

lilpoppy said...

I think Mau should start doing something more than just reading the blogs!! She should START one!!