Monday, March 24, 2008


Mick was in LP at the NCAA DIII Ice Hockey National Championship Tournament, Bone was coloring eggs & having dinner with Kristen’s family & LA girl is in Paris; I spent the day ironing. I’ll save you the time, 19 shirts, one was mine. It wasn’t that bad. Actually, the thought of doing was worse than the job itself. I’m hoping the long sleeves will be replaced with short sleeves before I have to do this project again. For some reason, the short sleeve shirts do not require ironing.
I had an Easter ham dinner, like no other, Bean with Ham Soup and for dessert, flavored marshmallows. The bread sticks were nasty, I couldn’t eat them.

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Mau said...

Hey, we spent Easter weekend doing shifts in the hospital with Grandma. Kind of fits in with your whole theme, this weekend! We brought our dinner to Sue's and combined our meals. Mickey stuffed 200 plastic eggs for the twins, and the bunny hid them all. In the end, only 4 were missing. They can save those for July!

You're lucky Mick owns so many shirts! Kelsey, Mickey, and Zack require ironing often for concerts and church activities (and school for Kelsey). If they had 18 shirts each, I'd never have to iron! Of course, Kelsey and Mickey would continue to wear the same shirt over and over and fight over it! Time to buy more white shirts! Sounds like a job for Jell-O!