Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

May everyone have a blessed Easter day.

It's not the typical Easter at our house. We still have about 7" of snow on the ground and 4 foot snow banks on the sides of the roads. Plus, no chocolate bunny for me. If anyone can find chocolate that has 4% or less total fat send it to me. I'll pay you back, plus shipping & handling.

There has been so much talk about how early Easter is this year. The next time Easter will be on March 23, will be in 2228. The earliest possible date Easter can be is April 22. That won't happen until 2285. Good, I like Easter in April. Another Easter fact, my daughter celebrated two Easter's and she still was not one year old. I always tell her that it is just another thing that makes her special.

Now, go out enjoy your day and eat a BIG piece of chocolate for me.

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Kristy Girl said...

I hope you had a great easter! I know you were alone...but atleast you didnt have to cook!!