Friday, March 21, 2008

Back from the D.....E.....A.....D

On Saturday, March 15, 1:15am I awoke with bad stomach pains, they would not go away. Finally at 6am I decided I had to go to the Emergency Room. Mick was down sleeping on the couch (I drove him out with my moaning & groaning.) He was quite surprised when I told him I had to go. I went in my pj’s and was hoping I wouldn’t feel foolish showing up in pj’s for the stomach flu. A CT scan showed I had gall bladder issues. I was admitted & put on IV antibiotics, see below. My diagnosis ended up being Acute Calculus Cholecystitis

I had an ultrasound on Sunday morning, I couldn’t eat or drink until after the test. The no eating part didn’t bother me but I was SO thirsty. The scan showed a stone of 3mm and the lining on one side of my gall bladder was infected and 7mm thick, normally it should be 1mm. I now realize that the stomach ache I had on and off for most of March was not the flu. I was finally discharged 7pm on Tuesday, the blood work done every morning kept coming back that I had an infection. I basically slept on and off my entire stay, I didn’t feel like watching TV or reading.
The highlight of my stay was hearing the food cart come down the hall three times a day. Mick was beginning to think I was using the stay as a mini vacation, I don’t think so. I was happy to just lie in bed and look out my window.

I go to the surgeon on Wednesday to get the date to have my gall bladder removed. In the mean time, I can’t eat anything that has more than 4% total fat. I am going to do a post on that issue.

The first time I was ever admitted to a hospital was for the birth of Eric, this admission was EXACTLY 25 years to the day.


Leigh Leigh said...

Oh my goodness. I was wondering why I had not seen much blogging activity. I am so sorry to hear that you have had to go through all of this in the past few days. I hope that you recover quickly and then we need to get you down to enjoy the warm Georgia sun.

The Mad Tern said...

Sorry about your gall bladder pain. At least your camera still works! I have to hand it to you... you're very dedicated. If I were lying in a hospital bed, it would never occur to me to get a patient's eye view of the IV bottle. I guess the codeine must have helped!

Misery loves company, so Ray will be glad to learn that he is not the only one suffering from acute pain involving calculus.

Kristy Girl said...

these look like the pictures of eric when he got medivacced to the hospital. Dr. Carmine says you will be fine though!! FEEL BETTER!!!