Monday, August 11, 2008


Friday after work, I looked around the garden to see what flowers I could cut for a bouquet. My only choice was gold or purple. I didn't think the color combination would work well. I ended up liking the mix and the the bouquet made me smile all weekend.
Sunday I made some chili for Mick to have for lunch during the week. Schedule permitting, he comes home for lunch. All summer I've been searching recipes to make with the herbs in my garden. Although, the chili is not a recipe I searched for, the taste is so much better with fresh herbs. If you can, grow some herbs. You would not believe how much better your food will taste!!
The deck picture I took during one of our daily rain showers. Last month we had the most rain recorded. I think this month might end up being another record.

Mick spent his weekend at Fay Ln. The bathroom project has turned into a never ending job. I am HOPING one more weekend of work will do it. Next work trip will be tied to JW and Ke's visit and I plan on going to check out the work. Maybe I will be allowed to choose the color for the walls.


Mau said...

Thank you. I feel better, now.

Mau said...

By the way, the flowers are beautiful. Hate the deck shot, though. Is anyone out there not being flooded daily?

Leigh Leigh said...

We are hardly getting any rain down here and would love a little of yours.