Friday, August 8, 2008

Favorite Photos

Saturday night we ate at Seasons 52. Each entree has 475 calories or less. After eating so few calories we had to have dessert. Each dessert is about 250 calories and served in small glasses. I had Key Lime Pie, the very last glass with the lime wedge on top, it was delicious.

After dinner we took a few pictures in front of the restaurant. I desaturated the photo in Photoshop. I love the look.
Two office buildings in downtown. They are called the King & Queen. Steven works in one of the buildings. This is a picture of some kind of tree, I have know idea what type.
Just before we entered the bridal show we attended on Sunday.
Lastly, a picture of Leigh Leigh. It was taken on Monday morning at the end of the save the date photo shoot. There are some great pictures for the save the date card. I can't wait to see what they decided to use!
I had a great visit with a lot of wonderful memories.

1 comment:

Bone said...

I don't understand how you get people to look so excited for these photo shoots.

I can't wait for the day to come where they declare that camera flashes cause cancer, hopefully that will allow me to finally get out of taking pictures however, I will die of cancer within days.