Monday, November 23, 2009

Syracuse University Football

Reluctantly, we went to the SU football game on Saturday. After the game I saw last weekend I was not excited about what we may witness this week. It felt like we even started out with a bad omen, we followed the Rutgers band into the stadium.
Tailgating prior to the game all the talk was about the basketball team beating North Carolina the night before.
As soon as we entered the dome, we saw Amy & Sean. He looked so cute in his SU gear. Sean is a huge sprots fan and was so happy to be at the game.
We then turned the corner & ran into Ellie's grandmother. She has season tickets for football & basketball & never misses a game. Just look at her, 82 years old!!!
We had great seats at the 40 yard line and very few rows up from the field.
The devil at quarterback.
The quarterback that will take over next year.
We witnessed 3 quarterback sacks in a row by the SU defense, never saw that before. I didn't miss the significance of fourth & 44. The final score!
We left the house at 8:30am & returned at 9:30pm. It was a wonderful day.

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lilpoppy said...

Glad you had fun and it ended up to be a good game!! That Sean sure is a cutey!