Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome to the Pavilion

Brittany was home & I was lucky enough to spend a Friday afternoon with her, then the evening with her parents. After a pizza & wing dinner we went to watch Robbie skate.
I guess they knew I was coming. I hadn't been into the pavilion since Amie was in high school. After spending 8 years at this rink with Eric it was an emotional home coming for me, I got a little teary eyed. When the boys skated onto the ice from the locker room I had all I could do to not start crying. Oh, boy!

Robbie's team won in over time!

A players' father has a Kangaroo. Isn't it the cutest thing? She sat & watched the entire game. I'm not sure if you want a mascot that's cute thou!


lilpoppy said...

Is that Robbie in the picture with Britt??? WOW has he grown up, don't think I have seen him since maybe Eric or Amie graduated he is a very handsome boy! Don't worry Britt, you look great too.

Brittany said...

Yes, Donna that is my little baby brother, so grown up! If your sister gets her way, Rob will be family someday because Mrs. Lawler wants him to marry Amie so she will come back east! And thanks for saying I look good too but you are the one that looks GREAT! I hope you make a trip to the NoCo while Amie is home in Dec. I am thinking, maybe some shuffle board again! Happy Thanksgiving :)