Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tip Thursday

Remember when "we" started this project? I say we since I'm not doing any of the work. It was January 25, 2009. The scope of the renovation project was to install a door going down to the basement.

Doors are in, painting is still required. I love the hardware. Oh, I did do some work. I cleaned all the hardware!

The interior of the powder room now has moulding similar as the rest of the house. It looks so much better then the cheap stock moulding! Painting is still required.
A phase of the project that we never imagined was to install recessed lighting in the family room. It required crawling in the attic.
It looked like a movie set.
When I designed the kitchen/family room the ONLY thing I messed up was not putting recessed lighting in this area. I thought I would have to live with my mistake. I am so very happy to have them. I can now sit on the love seat & be able to read.
Projects are always such a mess. The worse part. The never ending dust. Oh, I did do some work. I collected all the dust in the Dyson.
Thursday Tip. Plan on every home project to take more time than expected. Plan on the project to be more work than expected. Plan on the project costing more money than expected. Lastly, mentally go into the project remembering the above tips, you will feel better during the process.


lilpoppy said...

Boy is this tip true! Time, mess, money.......Know all about the recessed lighting, try doing ten of them in a livingroom full of furniture.

Kay said...

Love the way you have arranged your pictures on the shelves!

LA Girl said...

let me just ask how that horrible picture of me ended up in there still?!?!?!?!?!?!

GEL-Oh said...

LA Girl, Ones persons trash is another persons treasure.