Friday, October 3, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Although I didn't go into the patch, I was at the stand. As the Amish would say, this is an "English" stand. One thing, their signs are so much nicer than the Amish. I'm going to make a card using the below picture. I try to have cards for each of the seasons. Mick thinks I should sell my cards. Great idea except for the work involved would end up being more than the profit involved. They wanted $8.00 for the tower.
I think this is a heritage pumpkin. I did not like this pumpkin. I wouldn't even touch it. I did buy squash, only Butternut thou, which is not pictured.Unlike the Amish stands there was no one to assist you. The bottom of this jar was filled was money. I was surprised they didn't empty it more often.
Another work week comes to end. The weeks go by so fast but I'm hoping
the weekend goes by slow. I plan to stay home cook, craft and
unfortunately a little bit of cleaning. Hope yours is GREAT!

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Kay said...

Bonnie said that if I thought your album was beautiful in pictures that I should have seen it for real! She praised your talent!
Yes, here is to a beautiful weekend. I just love fall!