Friday, October 17, 2008

College Visit Part 4 of 4

While I was off having a wonderful time with my sister-in-laws, nephews & niece, Mick was the weekend family caregiver. He was prepared for being house bound for the weekend and came prepared. We left home with 1,500 pieces of wood and 200 pieces of Plexiglas. When we arrived home he unloaded 200 wood boxes.

According to his Dad, Mick spent 14 hours over the weekend hammering 2,600 nails and screwing in 400 screws.

Each box has an open Plexiglas front.

Oh, I bet you can't wait to see the finished project? Lucky me, I'll be off again this weekend. I'll be watching Kelsey row in Head of The Charles in Boston. Mick will spend his weekend at home installing the 200 boxes & then filling them up. May you have a great Saturday & Sunday!


LA Girl said...
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LA Girl said...

Are we having a guessing game to figure out what they are? Because I think i know!