Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Days: Around the House

Per Amie's request, Autumn decorations around the house.
This glass canister started out with real gourds. Since they didn't get any air they rotted in a week. I found these fake gourds at Joann's and loved them. If you didn't know, darn now you do, you would never know they aren't the real thing.
The mantle. I still need to stop at the antique store and purchase a third. Remember the decorating rule of odd numbers? I know Leigh Leigh agrees with me on this rule.

I brought this table runner home with me from a shopping trip in CA. Even the picnic baskets are getting into the Autumn spirit. This box was my paternal grandfathers. I change up the decorations for each season.


Kay said...

Your decorations are so tastefully done!

Mau said...

Didn't you have an exciting weekend to write about? Better hurry up, or you'll be scooped! Nice decorations. I'd be happy with a clean house!

Leigh Leigh said...

I love autumn and I am really missing it right now. It is not all that impressive in Atlanta.