Monday, September 29, 2008


Ate way to much.
Slept way to little.
The raspberry pie was a huge hit. We actually fought over the last piece.
The homemade spaghetti sauce is delicious.
Eric got his first ever deer with his bow, a doe.
It rained the entire weekend.
We thought for a tiny while SU would win.
I found a second glass oil lamp for the mantle and I have my eye on a third.
I got my car back. Oh how I will miss satellite radio.
Not a single picture was taken.
I wish they didn't live so far away.


Kristy Girl said...

thats raspberry pie was the most delicious thing i have ever eaten!! feel free to send a freshly baked one down to white plains!! i cant guarentee eric will get a bite, but ill try to be fair!

Leigh Leigh said...

I want some too! Sounds yummy! I love rasberries, especially when chocolate is also involved.

ke said...

I believe everything except, "Not a single picture was taken."

mau said...

You guys should have come to the regatta. No rain, and
Kelsey's boat got second!