Friday, September 26, 2008


Getting ready for Kristen & Eric to come for the weekend and I can't wait! Did you know that bow season starts tomorrow? Last time Eric was home was last weekend of turkey season. I guess I should change my feelings toward hunting. Yeah, I should like it, forces him to come home. Last night, for the first time, I made a raspberry pie. My brother David gave me 16 cups of berries from his garden. There will be enough to make four pies. They are the largest raspberries I've ever seen.
The crust is not homemade. Sorry Martha.
I wasn't going to cut into it until they arrived but I could NOT stop myself. The pie is delicious and so easy to make!! There will be raspberry pie on the Thanksgiving menu this year.
May you have a wonderful weekend and if you hunt, good luck in the woods. If you fish, Joe good luck in the river.


Kay said...

I'm hooked on checking your blog, Gail. Love your pictures and I can almost smell this pie! Enjoy the weekend with your family!

lilpoppy said...

Wish you made the pie last weekend!

Mau said...

Hey, we had raspberry pie last Thanksgiving! What's happening to your memory, Jell-O? Or is it mine? I made a pie with the berries we picked from the bike path. Too bad you didn't have this blog last year. The pie would have been documented.

Joe is fishing, but from a canoe on a lake in the rain -- after 12 beautiful fall days with no rain at all. Oh well. A bad weekend fishing is better than a good weekend home with the family!