Thursday, September 25, 2008

Loving Frank

Last night was book club. We meet once a month except for the months of July, August and December. I’ve been in the club for five years and for the most part I don’t particularly care for the books we’ve read. Last night was an exception. Another good thing about the book was that it made for good discussion. The book is about Frank Lloyd Wright and his mistress, I always enjoy reading about how people have lived in the past and what life might have been like. One thing about book club is that it has changed my reading habits. I used to just read Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts type books. Those books now seem trivial. Also, I have read books that I never would have read and looking back although, some months the books are hard to get through, I’m glad to have read them.


Kay said...

This is inspiration. I try to read something worthwhile and then slide back to the no-brainers. Same stories, different names. Did read a young adult novel, Skin Deep, that made you pause and sigh. It was signed by the author here in Oswego.

Mau said...

Were you a good moderator?

ke said...

Actually, if I have learned anything from being the Mom of an English major, you can get enjoyment out of any writing as long as you have an open mind and let yourself interpret it in your own way. Sometimes the more you study it and talk about it, the more you appreciate it.