Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Stanley Cup

Unimaginable as it seems we unexpectedly got to see the Stanley Cup one evening last week.
Mick had business associates out for dinner and when we left the restaurant I noticed a large crowd at the restaurant/bar next door. I had heard over the radio that a local boy, who played Junior "A" on the same team with Eric in Canada, had the Stanley Cup for the day. I asked if anyone wanted to go see the Stanley Cup. They didn't believe me, thought it was a replica or just a picture hanging on the wall. They would not believe me until they saw it. Thankfully, I had my camera & was able to get everyone posing along side the cup.
Below is Steve from Sudbury, Ontario.
Below is Steve from Manitoba, Canada. After the picture he went right outside to call his family to tell them the news. I think it took awhile for him to convince them he wasn't kidding.
Needless to say, both Steve's were shocked, really shocked, you know how much hockey means to the citizens of Canada. Neither one thought he would ever see the cup let alone close up and personal.
Oh how we were wishing LUD could have been with us!


LUD said...

That's cool. I wish I was there too.

Kay said...

Awesome - good thing you pushed everyone to go! Who would have thought....

Anonymous said...

That is neat that you could get to see the cup, of course it is something that every Canadian would like to see and be close to. Where was the cup? You didn't say.